Eyebrows matter, and at National Brow Clinic, they matter a whole lot. A properly proportioned eyebrow will frame your face, define your eyes, polish your look and instantly make you look younger. NEVER underestimate the power of your brows. But you probably already know this, right? That’s why you slave over drawing and powdering them on every single day. 

Well, slave no more. 

At National Brow Clinic we create perfect eyebrows that won’t wash off. Our “LastingBrow” procedure provides the ideal customized brow shape, colour and proportion which lasts 1-3 years. With regular touch ups LastingBrow can last a lifetime!  

What is “LastingBrow”?  Often referred to as Microblading, feathering or eyebrow embroidery, LastingBrow is a semi-permanent tattoo process of etching pigment into the outer layer of skin in a pattern of crisp defined hair strokes. The results are amazing. Even up close it resembles real brow hair.

Eyebrows are our specialty, but we're also a full service Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic.  From lip liner to eyeliner, we do it all.  Our semi-permanent makeup offers you the luxury of waking up looking great EVERY MORNING!