LastingBrow Eyebrow Microblading & Cosmetic Tattooing

Never fuss with an eyebrow pencil again!  From colour to shape, our team takes a customized approach with each client.  In your one-on-one consultation we discuss all your options to ensure the end result is the look you desire.

LastingBrow - Hair Strokes $599

LASTS UP TO 1-3 YEARS. Pigment is deposited into the outer layer of skin creating the appearance of individual hairs. Careful analysis of hair colour, growth pattern, skin undertones, bone structure and facial features allows us to achieve the most natural results. You will be amazed how real it appears.  

RIGHT NOW: Microshading may be added at no extra charge.  Microshading involves a blast of diluted color in the brows once microblading is complete (a $149 value).  If you are used to the look of makeup Microblading alone may be too natural of a look.

Includes brow design consultation & a perfecting appointment within 60 days.

LastingBrow - Powder Fill $599

LASTS 3-5 YEARS.  Soft shading that adds natural looking definition to your brow replicating the look of powder.   Our preferred technique gives you a blended start and soft tail for a more flattering look.  Once healed it looks like soft perfectly applied makeup.

Includes brow design consultation & a perfecting appointment within 60 days.

Brow Design Consultation - $99 (Free with every LastingBrow procedure)

We take a customized approach to creating the ideal brow to flatter your unique facial features.  This involves measuring and drawing until its just right.  We create symmetry for uneven brows and even give the look of a face lift by lifting your brow tails.  The perfect brow shape provides a more balanced, refreshed and polished look.

LastingBrow Colour Boost - $199 (for our clients only)

You may choose to restore the colour intensity or definition of your LastingBrow in a Re-Touch appointment at anytime between 1-2 years of your first appointment for just $199.  (Note: within 60 days of your LastingBrow procedure we provide a Perfecting appointment no charge).   

Correcting / Repairing Work Done by Others - Price varies (Consultation required)