WHAT IS MICROBLADING?   Microblading is a manual technique of etching what looks like individual eyebrow hairs into the skin using a pigment color that matches your natural brow hair.  Microblading is considered a type eyebrow tattoo but the results last just 1-3 years.  You may prolong the look of your microblading with regular color boosts or allow it to fade to a shadow and eventually disappear.

DOES MICROBLADING & COSMETIC TATTOOING HURT?   National Brow Clinic uses the very best anesthetics in the industry.  Our clients experience little to no pain.  At worst it feels like tweezing brow hairs but some clients actually feel zero pain at all and sleep while we work on them.  We start with a 20 minute pre-numb which allows us to gently open the skin and then apply a secondary anesthetic which for most people eliminates any further discomfort.

HOW WILL I LOOK IMMEDIATELY AFTER MICROBLADING?   The day of getting microblading you may notice very slight swelling or redness and the anesthetic leaves what looks like a white glow around the area... all this will disappear within hours.  In the days immediately following microblading your brows will appear about 30% darker than they will heal because the pigment is still on the surface.

WHAT IS THE AFTERCARE?   After each service we explain the aftercare instructions and provide a written copy. Most importantly you will need to keep the area dry until the surface is healed, avoid picking at it which will disturb the pigment, and keep it free from dust and dirt.  We offer an aftercare balm which helps speed the healing process and lock in color but for best results we customize the aftercare instructions based on your skin type and the service you receive.

DO WE SHAVE YOUR EYEBROWS OFF?   Absolutely not. We only remove hair that is outside your ideal eyebrow shape. 

HOW LONG DO THE RESULTS LAST?   Microblading longevity varies based on the individual.  Most people should get 1-3 years out of their brows but very oily skin or very light colors tend to fade the fastest.  Wearing sunscreen when outdoors and avoiding the use of Retinol products can help prolong the look of your brows.  There is no exact science to how long it will last but as it fades you may choose to enhance them with makeup or come in for a color boost.  Other permanent makeup such as Eyeliner, powder fill eyebrows and Lip Color will look good for up to 3-5 years or longer between color boosts. 

WHAT TYPE OF PIGMENTS DO YOU USE?   National Brow Clinic uses the absolute best pigment line on the market.  Not only is this the safest line of pigments, the colors are known to hold true over time and not change to unappealing colors like many other brands.  The pigments we use truly outperform all others.

WHAT'S THE COMPLIMENTARY PERFECTING APPOINTMENT FOR?    All cosmetic tattooing requires two (in rare cases even 3) appointments to achieve the results we desire.   In the second appointment we are able to fill any areas where you may have lost pigment in healing or make minor adjustments to shape or color.  We book the perfecting appointment between 4-8 weeks after you first see us.

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